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Wine & Huguenot Fine Chocolate Tasting

Wines from the Franschhoek Cellar range are paired by winemaker Richard Duckitt with handmade Belgian chocolates from Franschhoek’s own Huguenot Fine Chocolates for a fascinating contrasting or complementary taste experience.  The chocolates are also available for purchase at The Franschhoek Cellar.

For a decadent experience, try the Statue de Femme Sauvignon Blanc with the rich, fruity dark green fig chocolate, which finds synergy with the tropical character of the wine; the La Cotte Mill Chenin Blanc paired with the dark chocolate coated apricot highlights the fruit profile of the wine; and the citrus core of the Our Town Hall Chardonnay contrasts with the pistachio and marzipan dark chocolate and is emphasised by the tangy lemon crème in dark Belgian chocolate.

Red wine and chocolate is a match made in heaven. The Old Museum Merlot is complemented by hints of natural strawberry in a dark chocolate coating; the fruit and spice profile of the Baker Street Shiraz is enhanced by the cinnamon milk chocolate; and the Churchyard Cabernet Sauvignon contrasts with the rich mocha milk chocolate.

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